Hey folks, I do very much apologize for the long hiatus on my blog and subsequently, my YouTube channel. You see, I have been dealing with some personal things that have prevented me from being creative and/or motivated to be passionate about my interests. I care not to go into the details, but know that these things have taken a toll on me. I needed some time to sort out these things and find myself. I’m slowly trying to recapture my passion for doing my blog, bringing you content about new apps, tutorials and tips, and even discussing projects and performances. It’ll be a slow start, because I am still battling with these personal things.

Moving on, you can look forward to seeing another part to my Hard/Soft Option series, as I further explore ModStep and it’s interaction with the Korg Volcas, and a shift in gears as I also cover using Patch Base Hardware synth editor on the iPad. I also will be making posts to provide links to my YouTube channel, where I will be taking on live performances with the Volcas, the iPad, and even some non-iPad-related playing. I can also tell you that while I’ve been away, my co-producer and friend, Chris Ritchie has been working on a remix of a track off of Aural Lab’s recent release, Dirty Jazz. We’ve also been looking at some new material we started creating as we were releasing Dirty Jazz, so there may be a new album out in early 2017. I’ve also been doing a lot with my local band, Road Trip. We played our first show and I happened to have taped it, but I have a feeling the sound quality won’t be very good, as we were having technical issues with the PA system that night. My bass player has written a song or two and I’m considering helping him arrange and produce a demo to feature his songs. That’s still undecided and I will get back to that topic as more develops.

A note to developers: I am still interested in beta testing and promoting your products, so if you are interested, you can contact me here.

I know that I have missed out on quite a bit regarding app releases, so I will be a bit behind on some of the news, but I will offer my take on these things as I discover them.

Thanks you everyone who has been following my blog, I am sorry that I haven’t been staying on top of things, but I promise things will be more up to date.

As always, thanks for reading and happy apping!