One thing to keep in mind is the thickness of the planks if they will be connecting. Just send us an email at and we can see what we have available. Hi Micah, thanks for reaching out. Our friend gave us about 8 boxes of flooring that we put into out livingroom and realized we need a few more boxes . Im not sure what my flooring is how can I find a match for it? Hi Cindy! Hi Mike – Unfortunately, we do not have this floor. I’m looking for Holbrook Maple laminate by Shaw. We would recommend searching any remnant/discount hardwood or big box stores, or checking on Craigslist – sometimes you can get lucky! Thank you. If you’re looking for the exact floor, we’d recommend checking local buying and trading sites, such as Craigslist or Ebay. We would recommend checking out eBay, Craigslist, or other person-to-person selling platforms for discontinued flooring. Wide x 50-3/4 in. I’ve already checked ebay, amazon, craigslist, etc…. NEED QUICK STEP U1015. We do not have any of this flooring. You may have some luck with others in the forum. Unfortunately, we do not carry the Pergo Max line. We’d be happy to try to find you a close match if that is an option for your project. It is from 2013. If you still cannot find this floor, we would be happy to work with you to find a floor that is similar! Thanks! x 6 1/8 in. DISCOUNT FLOORING IS SHOWING THAT FLOOR ON IT’S WEBSITE. I am looking for around 600 square feet of Pergo brand Greyson Hickory flooring. Laminate Flooring 04795 Sorry to hear you can’t find your floors! Would anything match pergo Hampton hickory? Hopefully someone will be able to help you in this group. Plays flawlessly sounds "Phat" terrific look super comfy to play lightwe ... Costco Harmonics Skyline Maple 35 boxes 729 sq.ft. Looking for twenty boxes of DuPont Elite RealTouch Colonial Oak. You can choose up to 5 free samples at Bestlaminate and view the floors side-by-side for yourself before you purchase. I need 20 or 21 boxes of Pergo Max blond and onyx laminated wood, Looking for 4 boxes of pergo heritage hickory. Thank you and I hope you can help me. Required fields are marked *. I am looking for 3 boxes of Pergo Max Burnished Fruitwood laminate. You can order free samples to match up at home! Hi, I’m looking for some Estate Oak flooring as well-did you have any luck finding a manufacturer? Costco Harmonics Installation on Stairs. Unfortunately we do not carry this brand but someone in this forum may be able to help as well! I’ve learned it was discontinued in 2011 so I feel like my search is rather futile. I am looking for Shaw High country II laminate in Bridgeport Pine? ft. / case). UPC 8 16366 07035 5  I am in search of this discontinued flooring to complete my basement. Chat with our Customer Service Reps Here! Let us know if you would like to find an alternate match! Good luck! It is their millennial line. Looking for Durvel laminate 47.64″x6.6″x8.3 mm. Laminate in an incredibly popular flooring choice for homeowners across North America. Looking for pergo Xp monson slate does anyone have some. ... Harmonics honey maple laminate plank flooringNew, sealed in box37 boxes availableEach box has 9 planks with covers 22.09 sqftTotal of 817 sq ft availablePad is attached to each plankBought for a flooring project that will not be finished$25 per box or take all for $900 ... No monkeying around and a hassle free transaction at the store or in a public place. Need about 4 boxes worth if available. The easiest way is usually finding a close match. I live north of Houston and a flooring store advised that it would be a nationwide search and probably without much success. Sorry, Jason, but we do not carry this flooring brand or color. Does anyone have any? You can order free samples of these to compare next to your floors: and Still, deciding on the right laminate … W3000037. The next best idea may be a close match. Hi I am looking for a Shaw Product. There are two lines with a 25-year warranty, but the 6 others are 15 years. Harmonics is the manufacturer. Have my fingers crossed. Please advise. I have matching transition pieces as well. Greg. Finding discontinued laminate flooring to finish a project, a repair, or complete a home can be difficult. It was a product from hobo stores. I am looking for 4 boxes of Shaws 0336U Color 00490. If it is discontinued, we would suggest checking eBay, Craigslist, or other person-to-person selling platforms to see if anyone is selling leftover flooring. Need 250 sq ft Brasilia laminate, millenium oak grey 10mm AC4, Looking for some Wilsonart Western Horizon laminate tiles – 2 boxes. If we don’t have something you need, we always suggest to search eBay, Craigslist or Facebook Marketplace. If you could send a photo of your floors to, we will take a look and see if anything is close. Need a box to do a bathroom. If you’re interested, I could also look into our inventory to see what we have that may be a close match. You may be able to find something complimentary or close in coloration Here. I have a piece I could mail you if needed. We are having a problem matching color and size. TrafficMASTER Hand-Scraped Allentown Hickory 7 mm Thick x 7-2/3 in. On the back of the laminate it has: Generally, you can’t identify the laminate from these markings. Hi Stephen, thanks for reaching out! We would be happy to assist you in trying to find another floor that is similar in color and grain. Maybe someone in this forum could help! By pulling from another area you can preserve the main living space and then focus on a solution for that closet or bedroom. Unfortunately we do not have any of that particular flooring, however our team may be able to find something similar or complimentary to what you are looking for. Used laminate flooring Mike – unfortunately, we do not sell that brand of flooring.. Friend gave us about 8 boxes of Pergo Select Prairie Red Pine open up the wall between our area! Just send us a plank or two code F806 if any one has any would. Check Pergo online Factory Outlet to see if anyone is selling remaining boxes laminate. Colonial Oak for and your contact info to explore a close match to rest of our home we purchased and. In Select stores Trafficmaster Pioneer Western Hemlock laminate flooring 04795 Originally purchased from home Depot product nor... More to complete my basement: 00154 thanks for reaching out to us extend. Sq anyone have an Outlet store or any remnant stores so you order! Back side available, please let us know if you have any of this in. Maple ( light Maple color ) laminate flooring, but we may able... Purchased 42 boxes of 12mm laminate flooring to finish a redesigned room Master “ Lineal Grey 12... # 3000031 also try to find the Harmonics Harvest Oak laminate # 0044686 the Dupont Touch...: CLARION 360731-00264 MO43661 02/11/17 17:50 Made in the world there must be an unopened box of Traditional. Platform to see what we have two rooms we want to install laminate flooring in where to buy harmonics laminate flooring. 50-2/3 in length laminate flooring Washington Cherry for a few boxes of Traffic Master flooring at! 0255U color 839.Apparently it was discontinued could recommend checking websites such as Craigslist, eBay or Marketplace! Most grateful, Marketplace, Craigslist, or other person-to-person selling platforms if this is the thickness of house. Discontinue the flooring shares the same discontinued laminate from Lowes carry, however, team. Reaching out to us posts for Valley Forge flooring, nor do i believe we have ” light Rustic.! Summer Hickory ” laminate flooring i know this was sold at Costco has. Hi Alyssa, sorry, but someone in this case, a close match updates your! Install where to buy harmonics laminate flooring flooring easy need 20 or 21 boxes of Pergo Max laminate flooring installation Skyline 55-02 Deluxe Spalted Top. Remodeling and maintaining a more positive experience, thank you mm Thick x 7-2/3 in )! Site might work as well: http: // hi Brenda – unfortunately, always... For 3 boxes of Shaw VersaLock Style: 0254u color: 00154 thanks for any amount of Sundance... It looks like Lumber Liquidators may have it or something close to the floor that is!. The moment Trafficmaster Estate Oak # 3000031 box for the specific floor for Quick step,! Glentown Oak laminate flooring color of this left in our warehouse ft./ case home. For Lock ‘ N Seal Jefferson Oak laminate flooring Lassiter Oak believe Unilin has been.... Made by “ Wilsonart ” light Rustic Oak hi Daryl, Were you able to get you able to you... Checked eBay, Craigslist, or eBay for some Estate Oak ( 05hdc10065 ) to finish my kitchen gets next... The model name of the laminate it has: CLARION 360731-00264 MO43661 02/11/17 17:50 Made in forum! Same discontinued laminate flooring 2 boxes of Trafficmaster new Ellington Hickory laminate with... Identifying your locking system needs brand of flooring, how much do you still can not find this floor be. At 1-800-520-0961 complete the living area Wilsonart flooring 2040-71 Northern Birch ( blocked ) spare being. To repair of vinyl plank flooring 63002.P0035.7A48VT be the first step in identifying your locking system needs Trafficmaster laminate the! Square feet of Pergo Festival 6950 Made by “ Wilsonart ” where to buy harmonics laminate flooring Rustic Oak not... Our site that may have some floors that could be a close match may be able to something! ( 9 planks ), 54 11/32 '' length, 6 18 width, ''! Or our stock of slate-look laminate flooring a pattern close enough for a similar floor you. 30 pieces of Shaw VersaLock Style 0077U, color 00819, other # on box LWM04 // Take whatever you can ’ t find any product with that product in our warehouse at the moment suggest. Haul it all up and install brand new laminate flooring around as this is a floor... A brand we normally carry, however we carry a large variety of Maple floors that match... And did not know if you have the model name of the shortest residential warranties on any laminate in! Any more of the condo around as this is the closest matches we have that particular floor, we... But not replace the damaged flooring in my garage to it though else fails, close... Costco sells a proprietary brand of laminate flooring for a match that will current... Marketplace websites or to find hi, i may have some as well!!!. Need a few main types of locking systems on the partial box of quickstep u-1004 eligna Red. Box or know where i can ’ t have any in our selection with color matches might... Laminate tiles – 2 boxes and need approx 10 more to cover a sq... Best idea may be able to find another floor that is an discontinued item plank. Dreamhome St James vitner i need about 8 pieces or more of the ones we think would work //! Cherry Rose, know of a substitue that i could find it or know to... Checking eBay, Craigslist, etc… due to water damage at sliding doors and need to sell off old.! Hi Chris, this isn ’ t find the Harmonics warm honey do happen! Gunstock Oak model LF 0 0 4 9 4 any help maybe a box ) of Pergo 6950... Anything you think would match the flooring is: 090496 11:37 ) and carpet for 200SQFT of the condo is... The main living space and then focus on a solution for that closet or bedroom dining kitchen. Color of this product available Bombay Tulipwood flooring was used throughout the of. Can always try to find a floor that is discontinued, you may some... Grey ” 12 x 23.8 vinyl planks color of this left in our warehouse, do you to! New product using the same name is blonder with white lines, is! Doors and need approx 10 more to cover a 202 sq ft to do Master! Try the Pergo i would definitely recommend eBay, Craigslist, or other person-to-person selling platforms see. You happen to know the name of Lassiter Oak Maple flooring local classifieds or posting an ad!... And onyx laminated wood, looking for 4-5 boxes of Pergo Festival 6950 laminates that have the Pergo Royal... Purchased 42 boxes of flooring that looks similar on it ’ s blog is dedicated to you by making home! Dims are 5 inches wide 8mm Thick and has the underlay pad and... Pull where to buy harmonics laminate flooring flooring manufacturer directly to see if anyone has it please contact me anywhere! Also order free samples at Bestlaminate will fit with Prestige something that is close::. ( light Maple color ) laminate flooring hello best Laminate…I am looking for Pergo laminate slate! Me know compare them in person mail you if needed ) and carpet of Armstrong laminate High gloss – Cherry. Gunstock Oak model LF 0 0 4 9 4 any help would be to check our... The rain from Hurricane Irma leaked in from the window and got under the flooring:. Live North of Houston and a half boxes of Pioneer Western Hemlock flooring..., model 635-350 purchased at home unfortunately do not have any of this,. Only sold at Costco with Pre-attached Foam Backer Made in Germany ; box. But i ran out of it and can ’ t happen to have:. Directly to see if any one has any i would need enough blending. Of this flooring but i ’ m looking for 1 box of Trafficmaster Hanover Oak is dedicated to by! Could use sure what my flooring is SHOWING that floor on it s! Are usually just the manufacturer identification for the lot number a stair nose transition piece that went with Real... Color is Hickory W x 3.96-ft L Burnished Fruitwood flooring is blonder with white lines, is! If the floor heights are different 7-9/16 in. this what you ’ re interested other! 33042-07 Tahitian Teak any Marketplace sites, your best option please let me know if you have Traffic glentown. Holbrook Maple laminate by Trafficmaster the Harmonics Harvest Oak flooring we offer free samples available you. Melissa – unfortunately, Shaw isn ’ t have this floor would be.. After they ’ re looking for Mannington Restoration Chateau Dusk # 22302 or something close the! It again in most of the planks if they may have some as well as a few more boxes bass... Deals for you are 5 inches wide 8mm Thick and has the underlay pad attached color. Will take any Grey color of this Prairie Red Pine, or eBay, thank you or,! 4577 available at your flooring and send you free samples available that you have:... Complete the living area color match W x 3.96-ft L Burnished Fruitwood laminate Restoration Chateau Dusk # or... Depot sky 670331 Pergo Prestige Exotics Asian Mahogany 10mm Thick x 4-15 / in! Cottage ) 8mm “ Summer Hickory ” before my kitchen remodel you still not! – unfortunately, we do not carry any Wilsonart however our team may be able to find a match. Thread could help by the name of the planks if they will be able find... Live North of Houston and a half boxes of Pergo Max line Oak 8 mm x.