It can be operated on a stand or even on a tabletop by removing the stand as per your preference, which makes it highly effective for outdoor use. Owning a grill with fiery heat and ample cooking space will take your grilling experience to a whole new level. Coleman Propane Grill – just a few steps to configure. Click here to see more of the best grills for apartments or condos. 1. Read along to get answers to your queries, and to better familiarize yourself with all the precautions and authorizations for using a grill in your apartment balcony. Size should be your first consideration when choosing the best charcoal grill, as many designs are available. Electric grills are the most viable option out there for an apartment balcony. Bottom Line The versatility and longevity of this grill are worth mentioning. It can grill eight burgers, steaks, and chicken breasts and four pounds of fish on the porcelain-enameled grates. You’ll also need to keep a fire extinguisher with you at all times in case of sudden hazards. BEST CHARCOAL GRILL FOR APARTMENT BALCONY: Compact, takes up less space and can be moved around easily, SIx-feet power cord eliminates the need for an extension board, 189 square inch cooking area perfect for small families of 2-4 people, Helps achieve a steady, high temperature up to 600 degrees Fahrenheit, Cast aluminum construction works as a lightweight and conductive medium, Cooking space is limited for large families and events, Uniform and extreme heating capability up to 5500 BTU, Porcelain grates feature 145 square feet of cooking space, Exceptionally portable with a handle to lift it off effortlessly, Heat monitor keeps the temperature within controlled ranges, Lightweight, aluminum, foldable legs enhance stability and storage options, Some parts require maintenance because it may melt off with time, Spark ignitor doesn’t work properly so it might be a hassle to get it started, Durable caster wheels improve portability on any surface, Porcelain lid can be secured with hinges for more smokiness, Better functionality with tool hooks to hang grilling equipment, Stainless steel parts and cast aluminum body contribute to longevity, Enormous cooking area of 450 square feet for large portions of meat, Size is a bit large and weighs quite a bit, Heat regulation might be a bit of trouble with constant high temperatures, Cleaning made easy by including a residual removal system, 346 square inches of cooking space is suitable for large families, Effective and modern designing adapted to perform with high efficiency, Porcelain lid and cast-iron grates allow a rugged and peel-free framework, Easy to achieve temperatures of 500F to a maximum of 650F for thicker meats, Can fit about anywhere owing to a petite and sleek design, 250 square inches is just right for cooking for 2 to 3 persons, Better maneuverability owing to the wheels and steel legs for stable support, Other parts don’t heat up because of the Stay Cool wooden handle and shelves, Increased top space with a side shelf and a grill on the bottom to place your tools, Cooking zone is not large for huge quantities of food in a single cook, Charcoal makes it messier to use and hard to clean the grease deposits, Adjustable heat control of 5 different temperatures, Removable stand makes it easier to store and use on a tabletop, Perfect for balcony usage due to petite and lightweight properties, Non-sticking grate to prevent food from sticking and minimal butter requirement, Circular grilling area of 240 square inches is a valid option for serving large families, Takes some time to heat up the cooking grate, Circular design may not fit in your kitchen sink which makes it hard to clean, Ceramic grill with cast iron stand ensures longer usage for a lifetime, 148.5 square inches cooking space to accommodate food for 2-4 people, Prime feature is its compact and portable junior size if you’re short on space, Comes with a thermometer and stainless-steel grates for better heat conductance, Heat-resistant, hard-core shell preserves moisture and smoke at a uniform temperature, Does not have side shelves or accessories, Limited range of grilling surface and cooking process can get time taking, Comes with a quick heating element included, It is easy to use and operate for different cooking options, Comes with a lot of working space included, It is equipped with the easy ignition feature, Best Charcoal Grill For Apartment Balcony, Stay cool handle ensures no accidental burns, Best Electric Grill For Apartment Balcony. Travel-friendly features include lid-lock and a built-in suitcase-style handle for carrying. It has 360 square feet of primary grilling area and 90 square feet of warming rack to preserve the aromas and warmth. Grates are usually made of porcelain to prevent food from sticking onto them. Our Top Picks for Grill For Apartment Balcony. 2020 Bustle Digital Group. The Weber Q2400 has been rated as one of the best grills for apartment balconies there is on the market today. Lodge Cast Iron Sportsman’s Grill The temperature control is accurate and consistent to replicate unbelievable flavors every time. What Recent Buyers ReportThe reviews say it all! It, therefore, makes for a great investment. However, outdoor electric-grill technology has come a long way in recent years, making these corded contenders a viable option for balcony barbecuers. You either love it or hate it, but is does take up a lot less space to leave more room for your garden furniture and perhaps outdoor dinner table to enjoy it. The legs are sturdy in construction, providing a stable base, and at the same time, they can be folded neatly in case you want to store it away.Why it Stands Out to Us A product that considers the customer’s demands and works its way to produce a functional unit is often met with tremendous success. Indoor grilling comes with several precautionary measures that are essential to keep you safe. Many cities have grill restrictions, so the grill you choose will need to comply with local laws. The best grills for apartment balconies make things easier by offering a small footprint. "It is small enough to fit on my balcony and in my spare closet, but big enough to grill two large t-bones at once. "Heats evenly across the grill. On the other hand, charcoal grills are for those who love a rustic, smokey taste in their food, which is otherwise unachievable. It attaches to a wheeled stand that can be folded flat to take up minimal space, whether you're storing it or toting it. However, in case your balcony is made of wood, then having a charcoal grill will only mean catastrophe, so that’s a big no-no. Vinyl railings are inclined to meltdown from the heat emitted by the grill. With solid construction, it’s bound to last several years withstanding rain, snow, and harsh sun rays. Here are the best apartment balcony grills: You won’t have to leave your apartment to enjoy grilled food anymore! 00 $229.99 $229.99. Electric grills are a much safer option, but you need to keep in mind the size and space of the grill as well. The construction and quality of this grill are superb. It is legally allowed to use a grill in the balcony, but most apartments have restrictions on gas and charcoal ones. However, the removable residual tray is the real feature that throws light on the simpler cleaning system to avoid grease and drippings from sticking on the grill. Don’t worry about food portions because this device can easily provide ample cooking space. Namely, that ElectriChef outdoor electric grills refuse to compromise on performance, durability, safety, and grilling power—whether at a seaside condo, on the high seas, or even when choosing the best apartment grill for your own balcony. Electric grills are usually allowed on balconies, and they can also be used indoors. You should contact your apartment manager to get familiarized with the grill policy so that your purchase doesn’t go down the drain due to restrictions. When you buy through links on our site, we may earn an affiliate commission. The twist-start ignition is simple to operate and there’s enough cooking space to feed four to six people easily. Apartment and condos usually have enough space in their balconies to position the grill at a safe distance from the railings. This pick has a sizable cooking area that can perfectly crisp up to 15 servings, making this electric grill a hassle-free full-sized version that's suitable for most apartment dwellers. Furthermore, a small-sized grill is much easier to store since it takes up less space. Before you decide on a grill, you should be armed with the right dimensions of your balcony, and the apartment rules to know what kind of grills are allowed. But the non-stick coating on the entire surface is the greatest hit of this product. 4. A frequent complaint by city dwellers is the lack of space in terms of having a personal backyard. It not only imparts a superior taste to the meat but also saves you from harmful gases and fire hazards. Here is an extensive review of the best grills adapted to balcony use so that you can cherish outdoor sights with quality barbecue even if you’re short on space. Best grills for apartment balconies. Cuisinart CGG-240 All Food, Gas Grill This portable gas grill is our most recommended grill for apartment balcony. Suited for outdoor and indoor grilling, it takes up little space, which makes it easy to work with. Here’s the best electric grill that delivers promising results with tenderness and smokiness, similar to gas grills. You should have a ten-feet distance on all sides around your balcony after placing the grill. Get the Best Grills for an Apartment Balcony at Grilla Grills. Perfect travel size or for apartment balconies, it really doesn't take that much space. They stand out from the rest in terms of minimized damage and reduce the risk of fires by a great margin. Another great feature is a small size, which makes it a great buy for apartments and condos. The size of the grill primarily depends on your balcony’s dimensions. This grill features the roll-away folding cart design that makes it easy to pack and carry to any outdoor place. Comprising pretty neat features like the divide and conquer stainless-steel grates, top vents for airflow, and a multi-panel firebox takes grilling to a level of enhanced feasibility.Bottom Line Instead of trying to shoehorn a bigger grill into your balcony, this unit will not only relieve you of space issues but also serve its purpose in barbecuing meat to perfection.