Hello to all my fans out there on the interwebs! I thought I’d take a moment to bring you an update on what I’ve been doing. First off, I have resumed business as usual, posting blogs whenever I can and working on videos for my YouTube channel. I also have some interesting projects in the works, upon which I will expand as you continue to read this post.

If you follow this page daily, you may have noticed that there are several posts advertising apps for your iOS device. This is because I have linked an RSS feed to this page. I will try to sort it out so that it’ll come up on a side bar, but for now, this will do. You can purchase these apps directly from the links on my page and if you do, I will be very appreciative of that.

In other news, I am still working on a video for the Phase 84 app. I wanted to change the way I make my review and demo videos to make them more interesting. This may take more time than a walk-thru of the app, as I am composing music that will showcase some of the sounds of said app. I will then discuss the features and maybe even demonstration on how to make a preset from scratch.

On the hardware front, I will also be doing a review of the iConnectivity iConnect Audio 2+ interface. I purchased one of these units in late November and have really taken a shine to it. Be sure that I will have an accompanying video of this product.

Proceeding the above paragraph, I will also be updating a blog post series I did a few months back, titled The Hard/Soft Option. Since I have obtained the iC2+, I feel the need to update the information regarding the integration of hardware and software. I will also be shooting another video that will feature the use of the iC2+ in conjunction with the Volca Series synths. I also have added a MacBook Pro to my arsenal, so I will be expanding my articles to include some Mac apps as well.

Now, during the month of January, I had a lot of events occur. I had revamped my studio, acquired some new gear, and have been busy putting said gear to work. I also travelled to Anaheim, California to attend the NAMM show with Jason Donnelly and Matt Yost. These gentlemen were gracious hosts and a lot of fun to hang with. I also met Dan Rosenstark of MIDI Designer and he was a blast to hang with as well. Thank you to all of these fine folks, and everyone I was able to meet along the way.

I also had an opportunity to team up with fellow Apptronica artists and fast friends, Jeff McCarthy(Supersonic Tartan Death Machine), Rolf Seese(RC Major), Jesper Jones, and my Aural Lab partner in crime, Chris Ritchie to work on the first of many podcasts for Apptronica. We had much to discuss and had a great time all the way around. We have a lot of topics to discuss and hopefully, have guests on our show as we get the ball rolling. I am hoping that we will be able to really shine the spotlight on what it means to be an iOS musician and how iOS has changed the way music is made. As soon as the podcasts are available, I will post links and promote them.

After taking some time away to regroup and revive my desire to continue, I am excited to report that I have a lot of things in store to present to you all. Thank you again for helping me make my dream come true and I look forward to educating and entertaining you.

Have a great day and as always, happy apping!