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Stage Plot Maker

Arlo Leach

Genre: Music

Price: $3.99

Release Date: March 4, 2015

Stage Plot Maker lets you make professional stage plots for your band. You can set up your stage plots with a drag and drop interface, then print or email them directly from your iOS device.

Stage plots can include graphics for mics, monitors, drums and stage furniture, with custom text labels; a numbered input list; a photo of each performer; notes for the sound engineer; and your contact info. Your stage plots are archived so you can easily copy and edit different versions for different kinds of gigs.

The app includes graphics for the following items:

– Mics: vocal mic, instrument mic, clip mic, kick drum mic, area mic
– Monitors and amps: wedge monitor, spot monitor, fill monitor, amp
– Instruments: cymbal, drum, kick drum, keyboard, grand piano
– Furniture: riser, stool, chair, music stand, horn stand, guitar stand, guitar rack, fan
– Other: DI box, XLR input, power outlet, mixer

This app does not include graphics for small instruments that performers carry with them onto the stage — only large instruments like keyboards and drums that require prior placement on stage. The app design assumes that graphics for smaller instruments are more distracting than helpful to the sound engineers and stage techs who will use the stage plots. Instead of a graphic for these instruments, stage plots include a graphic for the input they use — a mic or DI box — with a text label like "trumpet mic" or "DI for acoustic guitar."

If you do not agree with this approach to stage plot design, or if you want to make stage plots that look different from the examples shown in the screen shots and demo video, this is not the app for you.

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