Hokema Kalimbas - Sansula  artwork


Hokema Kalimbas

Genre: Music

Price: $1.99

Release Date: February 2, 2012

The Sansula belongs to the family of the Kalimba and can be played just as easily. The instrument, with its patented suspended mounting of the resonating block, is an innovation entirely of our own design.

Since its launching in 2001, the Sansula has quickly become a bestseller and found thousands of friends at home and abroad.

The special feature of the Sansula is its unbelievable sound. The oval frame of laminated beechwood is fitted with a membrane which, together with the resonating block, gives an easily-produced and prolonged, soft tone.

—- Now at last a realistic simulation for the iPad is available This enables the user to try out new tunings. For every scale there are many different options to arrange the position of the relevant

tones on the instrument. With the APP the tones can thus be arranged in such a way that smooth playing with both thumbs is facilitated.

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