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Note Quest Pro – Learn Piano

grace lee

Genre: Music

Price: $2.99

Release Date: January 18, 2017

Developed by a piano teacher, Note Quest is a simple but effective new flashcard app that helps you to learn to read piano music faster.

Why does Note Quest stand out above other note recognition apps? Among its unique standouts, it's Interval note reading. Piano teachers agree that intervallic reading is the most effective way to learn to read, not looking at individual notes. Its five levels move progressively from Middle C to a wide, 4-octave range in both clefs, always reading from a Grand Staff instead of isolating one staff.

A timer and scorecard help to track progress or allow for fun competition.

Choose Real Piano or Virtual Piano mode so you can play anywhere, anytime! In Virtual Piano mode, you get a nice grand piano sound that may help with ear training. Singers, use Virtual Piano for sight singing interval training too!

Level 1: Middle C & neighboring notes
Level 2: + Range is extended to 2 octaves
Level 3: + Two-note intervals
Level 4: + Sharps and flats
Level 5: + All of the above plus ledger line reading

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