Not too long ago, I received notification that MIDI Designer Pro 2 will be released soon. This makes me very happy, as I had really enjoyed working in MIDI Designer Pro. MD is an app that allows you to build custom user interfaces for what ever MIDI gear you have, be it software or hardware. It’s as deep or as intuitive as you want it to be. My experiences with MD are both, as I had made simple playing surfaces for apps inside my iPad and a programming interface for my Yamaha DX27. With MDP2 soon to be released, I plan on using it to make a controller/sequencer of sorts for my newly acquired Korg Volcas.

Here are some examples of how I used MD:

Bear in mind, I am not a technical expert on the nuts and bolts of how these things work, but if I can program something in here, you can too. Incase you are wondering what the tech specs and features are for MIDI Designer Pro 2 are, here is the site’s description of that:

MIDI Designer Pro 2.0

MIDI Designer Pro 2 is a fully customizable performance-oriented MIDI controller platform for iPad (optimized for iPad Pro), iPhone and iPod.

MIDI Designer Pro took the music-making world by storm, and Pro 2 is set to do it all over again.

MIDI Designer Pro 2.0, Features
•Complete redesign of MIDI Designer Pro — all controls have been reimagined for greater clarity and a more pleasing look
•New Control Type: Picker for longer lists, e.g., for program changes
•New Control Type: Meter. Will work with track-volume output on most major DAWs (including Ableton, with no scripting) on Windows and Mac
•New Control Type: Image Panel. Includes Image Manager functionality and powerful display controls
•MIDI Designer Community In-App Browser and Upload
•Preset Packs for sharing of global presets
•iCloud Support
•Full backwards compatibility with all existing layouts
•Several more fixes, enhancements and features

MIDI Designer Pro 2.0, Pricing, Availability
•Bundle-Priced for Upgrade from MIDI Designer Pro
•Available for purchase as a Universal App on the App Store in Q1-2016

If you can’t wait, or would like to discover what MIDI Designer can do, check out these apps from MIDI Designer:

MIDI Designer Pro – Confusion Studios LLC

MIDI Designer Limited – Confusion Studios LLC

I will update with release dates as they come available.