Korg recently had a major update of their wonderful app, Gadget. The 2.0 update sees a few improvements, including:

● iPad Pro support: Stunningly powerful music production
● iPhone support: Make tracks wherever you are (iPhone 6 recommend)
● Universal support: A single purchase provides support for iPad/iPhone/iPad Pro
● iCloud synchronization: Keep up to date by sharing song data between devices
● Insert effects: EQ and compressor added to each track of the mixer
● Arpeggiator: Provided on all keyboard-type gadgets
● Chord trigger: Provided on all polyphonic keyboard-type gadgets
● Sequencer enhanced, with Undo/Redo function added
● Sequencer enhanced, with zooming using pinch gesture added
● Sequencer enhanced, with one-finger scroll mode (switching in the settings)
● Numerous improvements made for enhanced ease of use. More details at http://support.korguser.net/

One of the things I’m most excited about is that Gadget is universal. I’d say a lot of my beat-making happens in Gadget, although, I’ve been known to create whole tracks in this app. Since I don’t always carry my iPad with me, being able to pull up Gadget on my iPhone when inspiration strikes will be very handy. If you don’t already have it, you’d be best to look into it, as I believe it is on sale for a limited time.

You can purchace Gadget here:

KORG Gadget for iPad – KORG INC.