Kind of an interesting title, don’t you think? I suppose I should explain more, because it sounds like common sense should dictate when you have enough of something, but in the world of iOS, it’s easy to lose sight of that. I remember when I bought my first iPad and thought, “there’s no way I could fill up 16Gb”. Boy, was I ever wrong! Flash forward to about four years, one boneheaded move and a new iPad later. I bought a new iPad Air 32Gb and thought, “hey, more space, there’s no way I’ll fill this up”. Again, wrong! I started thinking, what was I doing that consumes so much hard drive space? Let’s see, I started to put more apps than ever before on my iPad, I started doing a lot of video editing for my YouTube channel( ), and I have been working on a new EP with a fellow labelmate. Aha! There’s the culprits. It got me thinking, do I have too much? Do I have enough? Do I need another iPad(duh, of course I do!)?

Every so often, I take stock of what is residing on my iPad and evaluate what apps stay and what apps go, try to back up any files that aren’t actively being edited, and then dump them into either the cloud or Dropbox. The interesting bit of this is, which apps stay and which apps go?

As a reviewer of apps, I will purchase the latest apps and try to review and/or make a video about said app. Do I keep them on my iPad after the review? That depends on whether or not I have a use for it. Most apps I review, I purchase. It’s rare that I get a promo code, unless I’ve directly talked to the developer or beta tested an app(App Developers, if interested, please feel free to contact me for beta testing or reviews). So if I’ve purchased the app, it’s likely that I favor the app enough to have spent the money. Even if the apps are free, if I don’t care much for the app, I tend to not do anything with it.

As for my personal collection of apps, how do I decide what stays? My evaluation of app contents is determined by my use of the app. I look at my collection and think, “Do I use this app, if so, how often?” If an app has resided on my iPad for longer than six months(estimated, I don’t keep track of how long my apps are on there), I’ll delete it. What’s more, my selection of apps is also determined by my needs at any given time. For instance, when I was performing live, I needed several synth apps to cover all my synth needs. My usual suspects were Animoog, Magellan, Galileo, iMS20, and most recently, iM1. I chose those to cover any possible sound I would need to replicate the keyboard sounds in many of the songs my band would cover. Now, my needs have changed, as I have been working on an album. Obviously, I would use a DAW(Auria is my choice for recording), drum apps, synth apps, and amp simulator apps. I also have a mastering app and all the necessary utility apps to aid in the process(Audiobus, Dropbox, Audioshare, etc.). If there ever came a time when I wasn’t using an app, it goes back on the bench, and I save it for use for some other time.

Outside of music apps, I keep a host of other apps on my iPad; these usually consist of social media, games, and what ever apps I need to pay bills or order a pizza. I also keep my cable company’s app on my main page, so that I can watch movies in bed when I’m going to sleep. The same rules apply here too, if not in use, it goes away.

Do I have enough apps? Well…no, but I do maintain and keep stock of what I do have, because you never know when you’ll need a certain sound for recording or you never know when that one utility app will come in handy.

Owning an iPad can be a balancing act at times. Unless you have the money to own more than one iPad or can afford to buy one with a large amount of drive space, you have to keep an eye on your data and app count. I currently own two iPads, but my older one barely is used, and a lot of that is due to its age. It seems to be slowing down and it fills up really quickly. I want to do a complete wipe of it and start over, but I am so afraid of losing all my presets in all my synths. I have them backed up to iTunes, so I should be okay to delete them, but man, am I afraid to let them go. It’ll take time to copy all my presets onto my new iPad, but if I do that, perhaps I can start over again. Perhaps I need to buy a new iPad, maybe even the iPad Pro.

So tell me, what are your thoughts on apps? How many do you have and is it enough? Conversely, are you a person who only keeps a few tried and true apps on you tablet and never stray off course? Please, feel free to share your thoughts.