Today, I want to share with you, the unboxing and demo or iRig Acoustic. This interface allows you to use an acoustic guitar in conjunction with your iOS device and record or perform.

It’s been a couple weeks since I shot footage of both the unboxing and the demo, but I’ve had a little more time to sit with it and do some more performing with it. First off, here is the unboxing video:

A nice bit of kit this is. I used a standard Fender acoustic and was treated to some pretty diverse sounds throughout the iRig Acoustic app. Here is the demo video I shot to accompany the unboxing:

All I can say is I was able to get a sound I rather liked. My biggest problem with most acoustic pickups is that I can never get a “natural” acoustic sound. Because this interface is essentially a microphone, you’re capturing the actual sound of the strings and not the vibrations via magnets or piezo transducers. Conversely, I was able to add some ambience to the tone, giving me some spacious sounds and “air” to the sound.

I wondered how well this interface would perform under live band situations, so I took the iRig to rehearsal with my band. There were several adverse factors that came into play when trying to use the iRig in a live format. First off, the rehearsal space in which we practice is very small. This means I had to compete with drums, bass and electric guitar at stage levels in a confined space, not very ideal for acoustic guitar. The biggest problem there is that, because the iRig is a microphone, it was picking up all the other sounds and amplifying them as well. The other issue was feedback. Piping a direct signal from my iPhone into a P.A. system caused all sorts of havoc. Luckily, the app has a built-in feedback detector and eliminator, which worked for the most part, but at those volumes, it was nearly impossible to not get a howl(that had less to do with the interface and more to do with the fact that my band plays kinda loud). I’m hoping that when I go to perform on stage live, I won’t have the same types of problems, as I should be a bit more isolated from most of the band(minus the drums) and I’ll have better monitoring.

I’m planning on doing more improvisational jams with the iRig Acoustic, trying to show off the scope of what the app can do and how I can use it in less traditional ways.

The iRig Acoustic interface is available at most major music outlets and online for $49.99 and the app is available for free(with IAP) or you can get the Pro version for $7.99.

As always, you can get your app here:

AmpliTube Acoustic FREE – IK Multimedia