These are vertical lines which root out of the marriage line most of the time. It mainly reflects the situation of your marriage life, love relationship, marriage time as well as your attitude towards love. If the marriage line goes straight and cuts the Sun line below the ring finger [Fig 9], the marriage will ruin the social status and reputation of the person. Generally, the marriage lines … Marriage lines … Lines Indicating Children The length of the line shows how long the affection lasts, not how long the relationship lasts. Log in, Mount of Jupiter and lines sign-on Jupiter in palmistry, Overdeveloped Mount of Venus in Palmistry, Plains of Mars and Rahu mount in Palmistry, Huge Space between the Head and the Lifeline, Does Sunline/Surya Rekha/Apollo line/Sun Mount represent government job, Broad Lines Deep Lines Thin Lines Wavy Lines in Palmistry. The top line, close to the base of our finger, is the “Heart Line”. People read palmistry books to know about their partner. The lines shown below are traditionally known as the marriage lines or the lines of union or affection and are found situated between the base of the little finger, coming in from the outside (percussive edge) of your palm and your heart line, which is the main line running across the top of … If your marriage line begins from the mount of mercury, heads upwards crossing fate line and life line, it indicates marriage to wicked or characterless person. Marriage line (also relationship line or affection line) mainly reflects the situation of your marriage life, love relationship, marriage time as well as your attitude towards love. � Palm Reading Guide The Marriage line, or as it is sometimes called, the affection or relationship line, refers to the circumstances regarding the person’s love life. Palm Reading Life Line The number of lines does not determine the number of children. Marriage Line and Other Lines on the Palm. How To Know When You Will Get Married - Calculate Your Marriage Age Placement: Vertical lines beneath pinky finger Children Lines. A vertical line cutting the marriage line as shown indicates the person’s life might get ruined by the marriage. Good signs on the hands may balance the negative qualities of a cross. A small cross with dim weak lines can be ignored completely. Male and Female Child line Children lines in palmistry are the vertical lines found just above the affection line also known as marriage line. Therefore, a long and well-etched line shows deep and lasting affection, regardless of whether there’s a marriage. Children lines vertically cross the relationship or marriage lines. A marriage line with a cross with deep and clear lines is of significant nature. Locate the 3 major lines on our palm by making use of a flashlight. The heart line with flaws yet a person may be married to an excellent partner. Each line can indicate a child or a potential one. 12. Explore the major principle in Palm Reading & Palmistry! Offspring Line: Vertical line from the center of the mating line to the center of the offspring symbol or to the sibling line. But, If your marriage line is longer or shorter than the other fine lines, it means you will be having an inter-caste marriage. Palm Reading Marriage Line //-->. One may have one line but more kids and reverse as well. If there is no marriage line, then it doesn’t mean that marriage is not in your destiny. (adsbygoogle = window.adsbygoogle || []).push({}); – If the line is crossed and long, combined with a vertical line and located under the ring finger, the person is bound to be rich in marriage. One may have one line, multiple lines or even no lines of marriage. Marriage line cut by vertical line marriage line cut by vertical line. It’s easier said than done, as human nature is complicated and many aspects come into play while we are searching for a partner. In a love marriage, a person falls in love without looking at the background, family status, or any other aspect. The vertical lines on the visible area of the palm are generally referred to as children lines. google_ad_client = "ca-pub-9936297068607346"; Mercury Mound vertical lines are especially significant. Early or late marriage. Needless to say that the person may be unhappy in his marriage. One must take a balanced view of other aspects of the palm while analyzing. Many people may have many vertical lines yet no children. Any child with whom you have a special bond. It is located below the base of the little finger just above the heart line. Lines from heart line cutting marriage line Palm Reading Guide The marriage line is placed in between the mercury finger and heartline, Marriage line details What does marriage line mean, Marriage line bending towards the heart line, Marriage line dropping down towards heart line, Marriage line close to little finger mercury finger, Palmistry, marriage line love or arranged. If later there are more crossed lines that do not let us see the pink line, we are at the end of the relationship, we must say goodbye to the love that can escape. The scientific truth about relationship lines & love lines! google_ad_height = 280; Vertical lines on hands are significant indicators to psychic ability. Two Marriage Lines. When all is said in done, the vast majority of the individuals have marriage lines mutiple. A simple deep and clear heart line indicates a person who is able to handle relationship issues with ease. If all of your marriage lines turn into the vertical ones in your palm, it displays a powerful indicator of children in which the bold vertical line will demonstrate a baby boy. Mike and Jane have one son, and Jane has a daughter from a previous marriage. When marriage line combines with heart line, it represents love marriage but at the risk of separation. The crossing of a small vertical line warns us of a love disappointment that produces some suffering, it is not a disappointment, it is something stronger. Line of Marriage doesn't essentially show marriage (the formal relation our society recognizes). When a vertical line is found cutting this marriage line then it indicates the end of the relationship in death or divorce. When there is a vertical line cutting the marriage line [Fig 8], it indicates threat to the life of the partner. Marriage Lines Close To or Far From the Small Finger. Love marriage probability increases if the heart line is long indicative of a person who is emotional and seeking pure love without money or outer apperances. If the marriage line/attachment line is cut by vertical lines it is sometimes referred to as children lines. The marriage line is usually cutting the percussion horizontally on the side of the hand between the line of heart and the base of the fourth finger pentrating slightly into the mount of mercury. The Marriage line is located under the little finger (the Pinky, or Mercury … It’s not precise to think one will have how often of marriage as indicated by the quantities of the line. It is believed that if the marriage line is lower on the Mount of Mercury, which is the fleshy area below your pinky, close to your heart line, you will marry early. Any other line intersecting the Marriage line on the palm is an indicator of a troubled married life. A strong cross with deep and clear lines in the cross has greater significance. 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