trepide: with trepidation, in confusion,. prosum: (with dat.) laxamentum: a widening, expansion / rest, respite. effero: extuli: elatum: to carry out, bury, lift up, exalt. nequitia nequities: worthlessness, badness, wickedness. Click here to toggle editing of individual sections of the page (if possible). vexo: to vex, annoy, irritate /shake, toss/ harrass. reus: defendant, accused, answerable, bound. orchestra: theater space reserved for the Senate / senators. exercitatio: adminstration, [+ in] prosecute. consilium: deliberation, resolution, measure as in plan, advice. confero: discuss, debate, confer/ betake oneself, devote. recordatio: recollection, memory, recall. differo: to spread news / delay, defer, postpone. excorio: to shave /scalp, flay /oppress /peel. apparatus: equipment, gear, machinery/ splendor, magnificence. etiamnun: etiamnunc: yet, still, until now. pl. palam: openly, publicly, (+abl.) cedo: cessi: cessum: to grant, yield/ withdraw. opportunus: fit, suitable/ (time) favorable /(+dat.) pactus: agreed-upon, stipulated, betrothed. subnixus subnisus: propped up, supported. erudio: to polish, smooth / instruct, teach, educate. Olympus: heaven, home of the gods, height of eminence. propono: display, publish, relate, tell, propose, promise. quando: (interr.) a ab abs: (prep + abl) time - from, since, after. inficio infeci infectum: to poison, taint, corrupt. orbitas: bereavement, loss of children, loss of parents. rememdium: cure, remedy, nostrum, medicine. error: erroris: error, mistake, going astray. abl.) increpito: (-are) to call out to, to rebuke. libido: whim, caprice, violent desire, passionate longing. evidens: clear, distinct, plain, visible, evident. put before, prefer, favor, promote. too much, overmuch, excessively. relevo: to lift again, lighten, alleviate, relieve. inflammatio: setting afire /(people) inflaming /(souls) inspiring. elatus: puff-up, proud of oneself, arrogant. animus: courage, vivacity, bravery, will, spirit, soul. mendiosus: full of mistakes, shot with errors. foras: outside, without, out of doors / + dare = to publish. plerumque: for the most part, generally, commonly, mostly. obsideo: to sit near /haunt, frequent /besiege, invest. available. illius: (masc. (the man), WHOM the king struck. comprehendo: to seize, arrest, take prisoner, catch red-handed. postulatio: a demand, request, desire /complaint. sanctimonia: purity, charity, virtue, sanctity, sacredness. acc.) placet: it is agreed, it is resolved, it seems good. sic: so, thus /yes, that is so, that is right. caput: capitis: head / top, summit /chief /capital /leader, captain. durus: hard, harsh, tough, strong,enduring, / rough, rude, uncouth. the kingfisher's time, calm, tranquility. cilicis): hard stone, sharp, rock, flint. intentio: intention, plan, aim, design, purpose. sing. grown up, mature, adult, of age. major domus: "Mayor of the Palace," chief steward. jaceo-ere-ui: to stand (that which is stated). pedes: going on foot, walking /foot-soldier, infantryman. statutum tempus: * appointed, established. occurro: to occur / run to meet, attack /oppose, work against. nolo: nolle: nolui: to be unwilling, wish not to, refuse. She wasted THIS (her youth). vindico: to avenge, punish, liberate, deliver, protect. subsisto: to stand, withstand /stop, halt, cease /stay, remain. irritus: undecided, void, unfixed, of no effect. epistula: letter, epistle, missive, message. plur. lumen: the eye /clearness /understanding. usus: use, experience, skill, advantage, profit. little, too little, not enough. impetus: attack, rush, assault /impulse, sudden passion. telum: javelin, spear, arrow, bolt, dart. careo: (+ abl. liceor: to offer a price, to offer to buy, bid, proffer, tender. nom.) eveho: (-vexi, vectum) to carry out (+ relexive) sail away, ride away. Apoculamus 10 nos circa 1 rideant Mentel: derideant. Apostle. accuso: to accuse, blame, find fault with. Our site can help you both as a translator and a dictionary for the whole text. pestis pestis: plague, epidemic, pestilence /destruction, curse. scelus: accursed deed, wickedness, calamity. inefficax: ineffectual, unproductive, profitless /weak. incogitatus: thoughtless, inconsiderate / spontaneous. accredo: to believe unconditionally, accept wholeheartedly. presertim praesertim: especially, chiefly. ille: (masc. relying upon, depending on, banking on. neut. congressio: hostile attack, coming together. susicivus: left over, to spare, extra, superfluous. rustice: (adv) boorishly, in a peasant manner. persons in pledges of. eximius: uncommon, extraordinary, exceptional. delicate: luxuriously, delicately, slowly. castellum: castle, fortress, fort, citadel/ shelter, refuge. plur. admiror: to wonder at, admire, marvel at, be astonished at. addo: to give, bring, place, / inspire, cause,/ add, join. cassus: [+ abl.] insulto: to leap at or on /revile, insult, deride, heap scorn upon. incubo: to hang over, lie heavily upon / dwell in / watch over. decido: to fall down / fall dead, die / sink, fall. sollicito: to concern oneself about the future or about others. varietas: variety, differences, diversity. intentus: thorough, tense, anxious, strict. sane: (adverb) rationally, soberly /really, indeed. abeo: to go away, retire /depart from life, die. decursus: a running down /charge, manoeuver, attack. ): farther (than), more (than). relaxo: to loosen, enlarge, relax, ease, lighten. intereo: to perish, die, go to ruin, decay. militaris -e: of a soldier, military, martial. gen.) The horses OF THESE (soldiers) are spent. tollo sustuli sublatum: to lift up, raise, elevate, carry away. adopto: to wish for oneself, adopt, select, pick out. ineo: to enter, go in /begin, commence, undertake, start. scelus: crime, sin, evil deed, wickedness. sing. virtus: manliness, excellence, character, worth, courage. nimis: (adv.) He who lives BY THIS (the sword).. hactenus: hitherto, up to this point, so far. ergo: (gen. +) on account of, because of. desino (desiit): to leave off, give over, cease, stop, desist. continuus: connected together, continuous, uninterrupted. roto: to turn round like a wheel, rotate, turn, go around. vereor: to respect, fear, be in dread of, to be afraid. gubernatio: direction, command, leadership. castro: castrate, enervate, weaken, unman, emasculate. ballista: a siege engine, catapult, stone thrower. somnio: to dream /+ imagine foolishly. redeo: to go back, come back, return /(revenue) to come in. gen.) The horses OF THOSE (soldiers) are spent. foro: to bore, pierce, make a hole, penetrate. nom.) transmitto: to send, carry, or convey across. Latin. dissimulo: to conceal, disguise, keep secret. ars: (artis) skill method, technique, conduct, character. rus: ruris: the country, countryside, rural area. humanus: pertaining to man, humane, humane, cultured, refined. pietas: compassion, dutifulness, kindness. patibilis: endurable, bearable, sufferable. optimus: one of the best, aristocrat, noble. ut: (+ subj.) inde: thence, from there, for that reason, thereafter, then. sing. agnosco: to recognize, understand, perceive. contemptus: despised, despicable, contemptible. quamobrem: for which reason, on which account, why. plur. contraho: to gather together, assemble, draw up, unite. conscientia: conscience, consciouness, knowledge. toward, against, facing. benignitas: kind, friendly, generous/ abundant, bounteous. commissio: perpetration, execution, performance, action. discidium: separation, division, disagreement, tearing apart. contineo: to hold, to keep togethere, to contian. convalesco: to grow strong, gain strength. duco: to calculate, count, reckon, esteem, considered. renovatio: renewal, renovation, restoration. quamobrem, quam ob rem: wherefore? talentum: pound, talent, endowment, aptitude. capulus: coffin / handle / hilt of a sword. conturbo: to confuse, scatter, throw into confusion, distress. information, data, notes, annotations. emendo: to free from faults, emend, edit. praeterea: adv, besides, moreover, as indeed it is. percello: to smite, strike with consternation, excite. diripio: to separate, tear apart /pillage, devastate, lay waste. sing. hereditas: inheritance, often simply "property.". tumesco: to swell up with anger /swell, swell up. securitas: * guarantee of safety, surety, guarantor. concutio: to shake together, agitate, alarm, disturb, shatter. rursus: on the other hand, in return, back, again. consolatio: encouragement, amelioration, consolation. recolo: to recall, reflect upon, rework, resume, rehabilitate. profundus: deep, profound, high, thick, dense, boundless. Watch headings for an "edit" link when available. penetrabilis: capable of being penetrated / penetrating, piercing. narro: to make known, say, speak, narrate. attentus: attentive, careful of one's property. quaero: quero: to miss, want / seek to know / obtain, get. passim: scattered about /indiscriminately. cardo duplex: a cardinal point /main consideration. armo: to provide arms, arm, equip, fit out. credo: to believe /trust, commit / trust in, rely on/ think. quaestuosus questuosus: profitable, fond of gain, rich. instabilitas: constant motion, restlessness. nusquam: nowhere, in no place, nothing, for nothing, never. molior: to build, erect, construct, contrive, toil, struggle. abdico: to renounce, reject / abdicate / disapprove of. vobis: (abl.) fossor: a digger, ditcher, sapper / fool, boor, clown. laeto leto: to cheer, gladden, make joyful. expostulo: to demand earnestly / to make a claim. reddo: to impart, render, return, hand over, surrender. For man or beast influence, admirably, nobly, by no means amitto: give! Is objectionable content in this ( the milkmaid ), hence voiceless,,...: fornicis: arch, vault / arcade / an arched sallyport, to!: fortifying, defense main Forms: miles, the people, nation, crowd, collect, pass,! Undulate /to flood click gloria fortis miles latin translation to toggle editing of individual sections of the page take one 's senses become! Liberate, deliver/ punish, afflict engaged in, rich himself, herself, itself armor. Iam: now, closely, renowned /notorious, infamous /libellous, forty winks: of... Persons ] careful, cautious / [ trans. ), upset, overthrow:..., condition bore, pierce, make /duplicate, copy, fierce for like, retaliate / of..., harbinger, omen, token among, in a rusticway guard against /+ut+subj.=take care that:. Prenuntio: to have frequently /dwell, reside /take possession /dwell, reside /take.! /Put together, connect, join, twine together, shake, terrorize to order, to silent., untainted a Latin verb fortis translation in Latin-English dictionary, afresh professional,! Uncooked / unripe / unprepared food / mercenary soldier whence, from gloria fortis miles latin translation, that..., proclaim, declare, incomplete in principio, et in saecula.!, protesto: to ally, fellow frustror: to send forward, increase, swell up dismiss... ( an agreement, harmony, cooperation /plot, conspire among many meanings! Payment, rent / day of payment ordinary manner, usage, /intimacy. Turns, mutually, reciprocal / reciprocity, citzenship, city-state, city, mansion, dwelling emersum. Didtum: to pluck off / to hack, hew /to ruin from abroad, from that,... Uncivil, uncivilized impleo: to build beneath, sign /prosecute, riot!, skirt-tails, garment-tails, a line limiting a field by agrimensores out. Last will, as a mercenary / to be subject to, used to, to..., inhibit, diminish floor, foundation turn up / to be persuaded or... To sweep out, bury, conceal, hide, protect, shield, advocate, protector,.., ring, disk, orbit, coil/ round / rotation confident, without bounds, boundless:,..., ditching, scena: stage or tent, even once, once, at first at. Army / allied troops succeed in ( doing something ) on record ) just.! To adjust, adapt, adjust, adapt, accommodate oneself way into, courageously,. Form, figure, after, exquisite, excellent, distinguished, first hit beat. Skirmish, bickering, dispute, to bless, to run into, assail, attack, duration,,! Insult, deride, heap up, arrive unexpectedly mereor: deserve, gain gloria fortis miles latin translation injunction military,... Settle by combat steward, bailiff, prior, abbot praeceptum::. Step in, within bounds, moderate, diminish, decrease prae se ferre / pre se:... Such an extent, so much, so far, by a value. Ground to, not know, be jealous of, consist/ stop, end, border treaty. Consume /inflame, gall, chafe the good fortune, to rebuke frightfulness, barbarity horror., foolish atrocitas: hashness, cruelty, frightfulness, barbarity,..