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Easy Music Notes Piano Teacher

Cindy Barba

Genre: Music

Price: $1.99

Release Date: May 13, 2015

The easiest way to learn to play piano!
You have a personal teacher in your hands.

With a few stickers on your piano, and this app, you will be playing songs right away!
Simple, elegant, and you don't even have to read music.

"In 35 years of teaching piano, I have never seen anything easier than this"

Easy Music Notes, brings you this wonderful method for the piano. You have never seen this
method before, just tap on the squares and they will sing you the song.
After this app, many will copy this system, but I was the first one to give you this
original idea, and this simple way of learning to play an instrument.

I have developed this app, with a music teacher in mind, taking the student one lesson
at a time, to guarantee the student will learn the right way.

This app is been used right now in an actual music school, with great results. Kids love
this app, and parents can see the progress in their kids.

It's also great for adults who always have wanted to learn how to play the piano, with no
real results, now it's your chance, learn one lesson at a time, and take all the time in the
world to learn, you have a personal teacher in your hands.

NO ADDS AT ALL – You get the full app!

** This app has
~ 80 Levels, each level is a lesson.
~ 39 Songs, one or two notes, to complete songs.
~ Scales
~ Chords
~ And much more…!

Customize your learning experience with backgrounds, or learn with Do Re Mi, or ABC
it's your choice.

For only $1.99 you will not regret it, it’s a great app for you or anyone who really wants
to learn how to play the piano!

Developed by
Victor M. Barba

Music teacher for more than 35 years of experience
Author of more than 24 books published all over the world
Creator of more than 10 educational apps for the family

Thanks for all your support!

© Copyright © 2015 by Victor M. Barba & Easy Music School

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