Just recently, I had learned of a fellow YouTube content creator, iPad Musician and part of thesoundtestroom.com staff, Doug Woods is suffering from some serious health issues. He is suffering from loss of eyesight and he has other things going wrong, all of which have affected his ability to do what he loves to do. To make matters worse, his health issues have prevented him from making any income, and with the medical bills piling up, I feel it is my responsibility as a fellow colleague to raise awareness. I am writing this as a call to aid for our friend and evangelist of the iOS music movement.

As I write this, I am still learning ways that people can help Doug, but the main way you can help is sending him a personal donation vial PayPal( go to Paypal and donate to this address: thesoundtestroom@gmail.com).

Also, Yonac Software is helping out by offering a way to buy apps from the App Store, and all of the profits from this one day sale will be donated to Doug. You can go check out what’s going on sale at the following link:


Even if you don’t know of Doug or his work, you still would be doing a good deed for someone who is in need of help, as he has done a lot for our iOS Music community. Please help out in any way you can.

I believe I speak on behalf of Doug Woods, all of the app developers with whom Doug has worked, and all the iOS musicians our there from which they have benefited through Doug’s contributions, by saying thank you for your support.