When I was first trying my hand at creating content for my YouTube channel, I was always searching for things to do. One such idea I had was to score some life footage I had shot while waiting in line at a hot air balloon festival. Consequently, I had just worked on an ambient piece of music that needed a place to be heard(this was prior to my signing with Apptronica, so I didn’t have an outlet). For today’s post, I’d like to share that video and the music that accompanies it. In case you’re thinking to yourself,”what does this have to do with iPad apps?” The song, and the video were both composed and edited on my iPad, using apps. If you like the results and would like to get your hands on these very apps, I’ll post them below.

The video was shot on my iPhone and I uploaded it to Cute Cut video editor. The music was composed in Auria, with the aid of Audiobus and a bunch of synths.

You can get them here:

Cute CUT Pro – Full Featured Video Editor – YU BO

Auria – Mobile Music Production – WaveMachine Labs, Inc.


Auria Pro – Mobile Music Production – WaveMachine Labs, Inc.

Audiobus – Audiobus Pty Ltd

Animoog – Moog Music Inc.

Magellan – Yonac Inc.

FM4 – Primal Audio

iVCS3 – apeSoft


Thor Polysonic Synthesizer – Propellerhead Software AB

There you have it, a whole host of synths and software in which to run them. Enjoy yourself and follow your passion.