The other day, I was working on a synth sound patch heard in a popular 80s song. Because I was unsure of what brand and model of synth the keyboardist used, I had to make a best guess. Since this song was released in the mid 80s, I only had a few options. My first app opened was Propellerhead’s Thor, a decent place to start. After a little tweaking, I wasn’t quite satisfied with the results, so I saved it and called up another analog synth, this time iSEM. Once again, I wasn’t quite sure this was the sound I was looking for, so I tried Magellan, etc. One thing I did happen to notice was how similar my sounds were, and this got me thinking. How many of these apps do I have that pretty much do the same thing?

That question lead to this video:

If you liked any of these apps, you can get them here:

Thor Polysonic Synthesizer – Propellerhead Software AB

Magellan – Yonac Inc.

iSEM Synthesizer – Arturia

Sunrizer synth – BeepStreet

FM4 – Primal Audio