Monthly archives: September, 2016

New Project: My First App

Here I go again, yet another project! This is the problem with a restless creative mind, I have more ideas than time in which to complete them. It seems I never fully finish one project before starting another. The good news for me is, since this is a labor of love, I have no deadlines….

Volca FM Editing Made Easy With Patch Base

In the continuing efforts to merge hardware and software, I keep my eyes peeled for apps that will allow me to make life easier in the studio. If you have been following this blog, you will know that I’ve been working on building a Volca workstation that incorporates the use of iOS sequencers and controllers…

Update: Where Have I Been?

Hey folks, I do very much apologize for the long hiatus on my blog and subsequently, my YouTube channel. You see, I have been dealing with some personal things that have prevented me from being creative and/or motivated to be passionate about my interests. I care not to go into the details, but know that…